No Ordinary Design (GIVEAWAY)

It’s that time of year where we raise a glass to send off an awesome Summer filled with lots of sunshine, sand and seashells to welcoming Fall with flip-flops, pumpkin spice lattes and 70 degree temps!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  OR does it?

I’m happy to share the good news! On Saturday, September 24th, a new establishment will be opening their doors to you and your family, bringing a wide variety of fun and excitement!  If you’re looking for something new and invigorating that involves VINO, Wine & Design has all the ingredients to make you experience all the feels! You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people, explore your artistic side and share special moments with the ones you love!

In addition to the kick-off event on Saturday, a portion of the proceeds collected that day ONLY, will go towards the non-profit organization, Blue Turtle Society (BTS). Not only are you taking care of yourself, but you’re helping take care of our environment and all the adorable species along the way.

So have you ever seen a grand opening party last more than 24 hours?  Nope, me neither. I’m happy to share that this party will continue through Wednesday, September 28th!  Check out the detailed schedule of events to follow Saturday’s extravaganza!  Come on out and party with us!


If you think the fun stops after the 28th, I’ve got awesome news for you!  Check out the different opportunities that you get to delve into anytime you want!  It’s certainly a win/win!!




Wine & Design is located at 14219 Walsingham Road | Largo, FL 33774

PLEASE NOTE: A free future class ($35.00 value) will be offered to the first 20 people who sign up right now!  Be sure to claim your spot ASAP!!

Doors will open on Saturday, September 24th at 6:00pm with lots of laughter, a blank canvas and new paint brushes ready for your imagination!

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Leave me a comment below telling me WHY you’d love to have this awesome opportunity to exercise your art skills, and I’ll choose TWO random comments on September 25th (using and announce the winners here on the blog and on social media! Stay tuned.

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Look forward to seeing you on Saturday with VINO in hand…

No Ordinary Parents

Internships are stepping-stones.  They provide real world experiences for students transitioning from academic to professional careers. I know all about transitions.  As a child, I transitioned from Spain to America and then one placement to another, never knowing a sense of stability or a sense of belonging. Then, at the age of 18, I transitioned from ward of the court to emancipated adult.  The transition from dependent child to independent adult could have done me in, as I have seen it do others like me, but I vowed to overcome it, to thrive, no matter what.

As a child who grew up in multiple foster homes, I can honestly say to this day that I still have a void in my heart for parents of any form and I’m 36 years old!  No matter the person, we all want that feeling of being loved.   I know that bringing a unique child into your home can be uneasy, but all they want is YOU!  I would like to share with you a few tips on what it takes to open your home and becoming a foster parent through a former foster child’s perspective.

Here’s 5 tips on why foster parents ARE No Ordinary Parents

1. Routines and how that is important to predictability – We all need that sense of security in our lives.  When a child has been removed from his/her home, they are leaving behind what they have known and with that goes security.  For new parents, it’s important to build that foundation right off the get go and help the child develop self-discipline.  Once you do this, you’ll start to see a change and for the better!

2. Building trust and relationships – Don’t get discouraged if you have a child in your home and feel they are distant.  These children are coming from all walks of life and are put into uncomfortable circumstances.  My advice, for the first few weeks, you should take the time to get to know them on a personal and deeper level and mean it.  Be in their moment and let them know you are there for them. Listen to their wants/needs. Smile often and share hugs.  Trust and relationships don’t happen overnight.  It may take months or perhaps years before you gain their trust. Work on building the relationship and trust will soon follow.

3. Having fun – They say that laughter is good for the soul.  I believe it.  After the trauma that these children face, laughter could possibly be the best medicine for them.  Carve out time in their routine to have some fun as a family. Communication is key in asking what the child wants.  Depending on the ages, entertainment can vary.   When a child is having fun, they are more accepting, active and enjoying life with YOU!

4. No labeling –  I’ve never been a big fan of the word “foster” before child/parent. But it’s there. One of the biggest ways to make a child feel like they don’t belong in/out of the foster care system is putting a label to their name.  Be careful how you introduce your child. NEVER put the disorder before the child.  You should always address the child first such as ” Liz, my foster child vs my foster child, Liz.” Make him/her feel like an individual and that they are worth a million bucks.  Please don’t label them. Labels belong on cans.

5. Acceptance into the family – We all want that one thing, to be accepted. When a child has just had their world turned upside down, the most important action to take is to make that child feel like they belong.  Help them see their value and what they can contribute to your life as a parent.  Never exclude the child from family activities and make every effort to introduce them to your whole family. Help them find a place they can call home.

 I truly believe that your life is already planned out for you before you are born.  Each of us are unique in our own way and we all have our own reasons as to why we are placed in each other’s lives strategically.  I’ve come to believe that people travel in and out of your lives for a certain reasons.
Foster parents are extraordinary individuals who are on this earth to give children a second chance at life!
Will YOU be that change in a child’s life?
 Disclaimer: This post is written from the heart!  Some of these sentences are exerts from my story found in the powerful book by Waln Brown, titled Growing Up In The Care Of Strangers;  All opinions are my own.

Liz Photo 1

Review: No Ordinary Ride

It’s that time of year again, Monday night football, pumpkin spice lattes and young adults chasing their future.  A few days ago,  I had the opportunity to review a 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 as part of a blogger outreach program through DriveShopUSA.  After my fun week of driving this firecracker, I realized that this car would be a perfect for those who are experiencing college for the first time.


Steph from the blog Orangespoken  and I had the same car to review back to back and we both agree that this car would be perfect for students who are trying to be budget conscious.  Together, we sat down and brainstormed some awesome reasons why!

For the first time ever, the Mitsubishi Mirage comes in a compact sedan version, in additional to the familiar hatchback we all know and love! But don’t worry- the features you love about this vehicle are still there amazing gas mileage at 35 city/ 42 highway, 10 years/100,000 power train warranty, tons of safety features and upgrade options, and the perfect price starting at$13,995! 


Here’s the top reasons why this car is No Ordinary Ride.

– First up, it’s spacious. Between the roomy and secure trunk space (12.3 cubic feet of space!) for all of those dorm furnishings and supplies, the amazing gas mileage for those weekend trips home, the 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 the bill!


– In addition to the roominess of the Mirage compact sedan, worried parents can put their minds at ease with all of the safety Mitsubishi has integrated into the Mirage. The G4 comes equipped with safety features like:

  • 7 standard airbags
  • wide-angle rear view backup camera with assist
  • tire pressure monitoring system
  • anti-locking brakes with brake assist
  • active stability control sensors that monitor the grip of each tire
  • three-point seat belts
  • reinforced impact safety evolution (RISE) body utilizing crumple zones that route and absorb energy during high-impact collisions
  • hill start assist
  • great visibility with less blindspots


– Lastly, the available display audio with smartphone link offers a smarter and safer way to use your smartphone in the car. This awesome feature supports Apple CarPlay and lets you access music, maps, make phone calls, and send messages through the touchscreen, or with voice command using Siri. The system also supports Android Auto! 

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is compact in size but has been rated best-in-class in turning radius, making it the ultimate car for navigating narrow and busy city streets.

To learn more about this FUN car or to stay up-to-date with the latest on new arrivals, be sure to follow Mitsubishi USA on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! #DriveMitsubishi

Disclaimer: This post is written on behalf of DriveShop!  I was able to drive this AMAZING car in exchange for blog and social media posts.   All opinions are my own.

5 Tips To Living A No Ordinary Authentic LIFE

What IF:

I was to ask you to take a look in the mirror right now, what would you see in your reflection?  Answer honestly.  Do you like what you see?  Do you wish you were someone different?  Are you immediately pointing out all those flaws?  We all have been there, trust me.  I used to catch myself scoping out any object that would bounce off my reflection and sometimes, I couldn’t look at myself without doing just that…

BUT, a while back, I was introduced to a friend who helped pave the way so that I could live the life I’m LOVING right about now.  AUTHENTIC.  (Yep, you’re reading this right.)

Authentic is a magical word!  A word that we don’t hear a lot about, but need it in our everyday lives. We tend to see it more in tangible things, but what about the intangible…YOU?

Here are 5 suggested tips on how you can live a NO ORDINARY authentic life.

1.  Fall in LOVE with yourself, flaws and all – If you’re wondering why things in your life are not filling that void that you may be having, or relationships are not working out as they should, I think I know why… You need to be in love with who you are.  (I know this sounds crazy. Love yourself?) That means accepted who you are as an individual, flaws and all.  Learn what your flaws are and accept that no one is PERFECT.  If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone to love you the way you want them to.  Your flaws make you unique just like fingerprints.  When you do this, you will be brushed with so much confidence that you will be able to accept all the joys that life sends your way.

2. Release the past, BE present and live for the future – Sometimes we all get stuck on something that occurred in our past that prevents us from living the life that we want.  Come join us in the moment.  Learn to accept the cards that were dealt to you and look for ways that you could make the greatest impact. Today.  Use your past as a stepping stone for the present and discover what your purpose is and set out to achieving it! Moments are what life is all about.  Don’t spend too much time there.

3. Choose happiness – In life, we have an abundant amount of choices and views on how you see yourself and the world.  When we start to think about those things, we may change our mindset to think in a negative way.  If you choose to do this, you may see a pattern in your life that forms in a negative manner. My solution to all of this: choose happiness over all. No one can give you happiness. It has to come from within, just like the quote, “Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle” once you switch that on, your outlook on life will be so much brighter. Leave a trail wherever you go!

4. Develop yourself – This is one area where we tend to brush away as life takes us full speed.  In order to achieve the most authentic life, you need to take the time to find out what drives you and chase it!  If it requires further development, go get the tools to achieve it.  Know that it’s OK to express yourself, trust yourself, teach yourself and above all else, surround yourself with the things that make you happy! I strongly encourage you to do one thing each day that scares you and stretches you outside your comfort zone.  You may be surprised at the things you discover!

5. Form new relationships – They say the key to a successful life is to surround yourself with good people.  Maya Angelou says it best, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Life is about connecting your personal and professional dots. Find people who are like-minded as yourself both personally and professionally. They will be instrumental in your self-development and vice versa. Building and maintaining relationships is so crucial in discovering who you really are as a person.  Go find your people!

WA504_Choose_to_be_your_authentic_self(photo courtesy of Google)

**All opinions in this post are my own.** 

5 Ways To Boost Your Morale While Seeking Your Dream Job

Job searching can be grim! We all have been there at one point in our lives.  The amount of time, energy and research that we put into a single job application, only to receive the dreadful news that you were not selected for the position.  Hearing that news can make you feel like your whole world is crashing down around you and rightfully so.  After all, it’s your career that we’re talking about.  So how do we bounce back from that tidbit of news?

job (photo courtesy of Google)

Here are five suggested morale boosters to help guide you through your job search.

1. Self Confidence – As humans, we tend to forget ourselves in this process.  Any form of rejection makes us want to curl up in the corner.  At the end of the day, you can’t forget who you are as an individual, what skill sets that set you apart from another and what you’re able to bring to the table. Just because it didn’t work out for that particular company, doesn’t mean it won’t for another.  Trust in yourself to be able to walk away from a “no” and determined to get that “yes.”

2. Time – The key to a successful job search is doing your part.  Try to dedicate a set amount of time each day to it.  Create yourself a job searching calendar and make sure you adhere to it.  Do your research and apply to as many opportunities as you deem fit.  Step outside the box.  The feeling of being involved or engaged in the process will help boost your self worth.

3. Network – We tend to shy away from being around others during this time in our lives.  It’s really the opposite.  Going through this process, you should have as many people in your corner to help share experiences, resources and any guidance.  This will give you the best boost in your search.  I would suggest you join as many networking groups that you can.  Heavily rely on Linkedin for support.  I promise you will find many like-minded individuals who are just like you.  Building new networks will help you gain a new perspective on what the workforce is looking for.

4. Be YOU –  One of my favorite quotes that I’m always an advocate for is one by William E. Hickson, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” William is certainly right.  We normally are our own worst critics and tend to give up on ourselves very easily. We start putting self doubt into our minds and that makes us lose focus.  Don’t dwell on your limitations, but more on what you’re passionate about.  Let that be your driving force.  If I were to share any advice, it would be to not compare yourself to others.  Don’t be someone you’re not just to try and land that job.  Be your authentic self and the right position will find you.

5. Resilience – Life can certainly try and knock you down, but it’s all about how you bounce back from it that matters.  If you see that you’ve applied to several opportunities and keep getting that “no” response, try to take a step back and review what you’re doing.  Being rejected doesn’t necessarily mean that your professional qualifications and personal characteristics aren’t good enough.  It just means, it wasn’t a great fit with that particular position.  At times, it may seem hard, but  don’t forget to keep a positive attitude.  It’s a big contributor to your success and it will show through your work.

Remember, you are your best salesperson.  No one knows you better than yourself.  Go sell yourself and don’t settle for anything but excellence!

**All opinions in this post are my own.** 

No Ordinary Winghouse

I’ve got a secret.

Last week, my Tampa Bay blog mates and I were invited by our friends over at Ker’s Winghouse Bar and Grill to sample their new sensation menu for the summer! Can I just tell you how EXCITED I was to have the opportunity to mingle with my blog mates and give my taste buds a treat all in the same setting?  It.was.phenomenal. I’ve always had the impression that bar food was just that. Little to my surprise, Winghouse was about to change my perception on that.

Here’s my TOP 8 reasons why WINGHOUSE is less than unORDINARY!

  1. Wing2 Warm and chewy ( I mean chewy) soft pretzel bites that will have your taste buds screaming for seconds.  The best part is dunking these into warm Wisconsin cheese sauce or honey mustard. It’s a win/win.
  2. Wing3 This pile of goodness is slow roasted pork nachos!  Drop the forks and dive right in!  This dish allows for messy fingers. 
  3. Wing5If I could have chicken like this in my life every day, I’d be a happy camper.  This chicken pasta salad was unbelievably good!  :::faints:::
  4. Wing1Don’t like wings?  No problem!  Winghouse has certainly got you covered with all these different types of dishes.  Check out this taco salad for instance.  The flavors that can happen in one little bowl, is aaahhhmazzing! The fried jalapenos and cilantro lime cream sauce is certainly the staple for most of these dishes. 
  5. Wing8Winghouse takes “Taco Tuesday” to a whole new level with these beauts!  Tacos stuffed with tender shrimp, chicken or slow roasted pork topped with fresh ingredients and cheese = NAIL’D IT!
  6. Wing9Pulled pork sliders.  Need I say more?  For a second, I forgot that this was Winghouse. Coleslaw, crispy onion straws and Dallas sauce = perfection!
  7. Wing10 Then there was this…If you like cheesecake and guava, then you’ll LOVE the guava cheesecake!  OMG
  8. Wing7AND… if I could nominate a cocktail of the year, it would have to be this lemon smash drink!  All the flavors were spot on and made me feel like I was on a beach somewhere…



Well I’ve gotcha covered.  As of today, June 13th and for a limited time, you can now have the same experience as I in diving into some of these amazing dishes!

Father’s Day is right around the corner…Wing4


**I was invited on behalf of the Tampa Bay Bloggers and Ker’s Winghouse to review their new summer sensational menu and in exchange was given a swag bag.  All reviews and opinions in this post are my own.** 


No Ordinary Squad

If I said, “Sex and the City” what’s the first thing that pops into your head?  For me, it’s the admiration of true friendship.  Your “ride or die” homies as one would say. It’s the kind of relationships that has lasted a lifetime.

Ummm, Who doesn’t want that?

Family is intangible for me.  As a teenager, growing up in a different environment than most, made it hard to accept people into my circle.  As the years progressed, I started meeting people of all ages.  One by one, they came into my life for a particular reason.  Some stayed a day, some stayed for months and some for years.

Five years ago, I got the chance to meet a wonderful group of women at an event that I had attended. Little did I know, they would change my life for the better.

squad 19  These women are truly one of kind.  I feel like they were hand-picked to fall into my life at the right time.  They are the most kindest, inspiring, motivating, humorous, encouraging, and determined group of peeps who I get to call my SQUAD!

If I could give you any advice to a prosperous life, surround yourselves with people who:

squad 5 HAVE the same vision and passion as you!  Community involvement is important to all of us and my SQUAD and I are active in giving back.  We love being able to come together for the holidays at The Ronald McDonald House.  Cooking meals as a group helps us stay humble while fueling our hearts!

squad 9(photo courtesy of orangespoken)  ARE your biggest cheerleader!  We compete in races to help spread the word, encourage and support each other, no matter the need. We cross that finish line as ONE!

squad 16 SHOWS up to support your birthday, no matter the distance.  We all do our best to make sure we all feel special on OUR day!

squad 13GOES along for the ride, just because.

squad 7 TRAVELS with you!  Each year we all escape to the Great Smoky Mountains to unwind, connect and be thankful for what life has to offer.

squad 8 ENJOYS storytelling around an open campfire! It’s the simple things!

squad 4 APPRECIATES your humor and accepts you for who you are! They aren’t afraid to be themselves around you!

squad 10 WILL be your biggest advocate.  We always encourage each other to chase after our dreams/passion.  That’s important to me.

squad 6 CELEBRATES chica brunch!  No matter how hectic our schedules may be, we always are committed to each other once a month!  We may meet for dinner, play board games or actually cook a meal.

squad 3 WILL always be there for you when you need help!  These two pictured above actually spent their entire Spring break with me while I was recovering from Achilles’ tendon surgery.  We shared laughs, starbucks, meals and encouragement.

I believe people are placed in your life for a reason.  These empowering women all are unique and they all bring something different to our group.  I can’t picture my life without them and I certainly feel like I’ve found my “ride or die” peeps!

Surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you, motivate you to chase your dreams and make you LAUGH until you cry!

squad 2  I used to be “ORDINARY” until I met my SQUAD!!

GUEST POST: No Ordinary Storm

It’s an honor and privilege to get the chance to guest write AGAIN over at Transfiguring Adoption!  I have to tell ya, this is a pretty neat experience and LOVED taking a stroll down childhood lane, once again.  While you’re over reading  my post, stop by and check out their awesome page, tweets, app and insights on how you can get engaged in the foster and adoption world!!!

Also, want a chance to catch me LIVE?  I’ll be participating in an online panel discussion “Welcoming A Child Into Your Home” on May 26th between 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST.  For further details and to register, click here!

Seeing Through Life’s Storms

APRIL showers bring MAY flowers is a phrase we all certainly know!   It’s an expression that I’ve come to live by, but not for the simple reasons.  APRIL, the month we are greeted by Mother Nature with open arms and she sprinkles us with her tears and her temper tantrums, known as storms.  MAY, the month where Mother Nature makes sure we all feel the love by providing beautiful flowers to bloom, but, this wouldn’t happen without the storms from April!

To read further, click here to find out how this I weathered the storm…🙂



No Ordinary GIVING

In less than 24 hours, something amazing will be hitting the Tampa Bay area!  Give Day Tampa Bay!   On Tuesday, May 3rd, thousands will be opening their hearts to the local nonprofits around the Bay that help our communities find and maintain their purpose. The list of participating nonprofit organizations this year are over 595!

WOW, imagine the impact!

So what is Give Day Tampa Bay?

For those that don’t know, Give Day Tampa Bay is a community-wide, 24-hour online giving challenge hosted by The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. This charitable event helps Tampa Bay area nonprofits raise much-needed dollars and bring awareness to the numerous challenges facing these organizations.

Last year, Give Day Tampa Bay raised $1.75 million for 550 Tampa Bay area nonprofit organizations. This year, 595 nonprofits are participating. Let’s show our pride and support for nonprofits in our area on May 3!

How it works

It’s so simple to participate. Just visit this website on May 3, 2016 anytime between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. and with a few simple clicks, you can make a donation to your favorite nonprofit organization. The minimum donation is $25. Nonprofits can also win monetary awards and additional prizes based on their day’s donations. The tallies for each organization are tracked in real time on the online leaderboard.  (info pulled from Give Day Tampa Bay website)

Giving-Back-Quotes-Mahatma-Gandhi (photo courtesy of Google)

Give Day Tampa Bay happens to arrive at the perfect time for one of these amazing nonprofit organizations!  May is National Foster Care Month where we take a moment to honor, unite and celebrate the awesome families of our children in the Bay area.  Eckerd Kids does just that!  They are a powerful team who work impeccably to provide our Bay kids a second chance at the life they deserve!

This year as you consider which nonprofit organization you wish to GIVE to, please note that with a donation of $25 or more given to Eckerd Kids, you will receive a special keepsake cookbook from their founder, Ruth Eckerd.  What a great way to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children in our community, including foster kids searching for their forever family as well as cooking up awesome meals!  

595 participating nonprofit organizations are looking for you!  Wherever you decide to GIVE this year, I hope you walk away full of happiness, inspiration and kindness that you spread it EVERYWHERE you go throughout or Tampa Bay communities.

a433889676c3d6fe40ab416a6e000065(photo courtesy of Google)

This post is written by me and collaboration with Eckerd Kids.  The opinions expressed above are all mine.


No Ordinary Wedding!!!!

So what do you do for a sister that is the best ever, EVER? You throw her a surprise wedding, of course. Yes, you heard me right. My sister got engaged on June 19th, 2013 in Waynesville, North Carolina at Skinny Dip Falls

melissas ring

and we had been doing the wedding thing for months. Dress shopping here, email wedding planner there, pin this hairstyle on pinterest, destination shopping, etc. She couldn’t quite decide when/where she wanted to have her dream wedding.  So SURPRISE SIS! You’re Getting Married!! I was not alone in planning this by a long shot. I had to have some help! My sister’s fiance’ contacted me about the 1st week of November to gather my thoughts about the whole thing.  At first, I was a little nervous as you never know how someone will respond to such a surprise.  I mean, seriously. This is her whole life you’re talking about.  But, knowing him and the length of their relationship, I knew that if anyone knew my sister, it was him and if he was ready to plan this, then so was I.  Let the planning begin!  But the big question here is… HOW DO I KEEP THIS SECRET FROM MY OWN SISTER?  I mean, I did live with her and had to talk wedding stuff to her ALL the time.  We decided that her big day was going to be on 12/21/13, so not a whole lot of time here…

I had a lot of questions about everything as I was always the bridesmaid, never a bride, or maid of honor.  So I knew very little about weddings.  OH this is soo hard.  Pinterest, wedding movies and Starbucks was my saving grace! 

So how does a surprise wedding go down anyway?

Well it goes a little something like this…

Liz's Photos2013 006 We said YES TO THE DRESS!!!

Liz's Photos2013 049 Several trips to NC to see the venue and plan the wedding layout with the florist:)  I got to enjoy these two adorable boys along the way!

Liz's Photos2013 069 Thursday, December 18th. The surprised bachelorette party my BEST of FRIENDS and I in North Carolina had planned for my SIS on the day she actually found out she was getting MARRIED! Thank you to The Patio Bistro for your hospitality and AHHHMAAZING food!

Liz's Photos2013 071  Cute Takeaways for all

Liz's Photos2013 121  The BEAUTIFUL bride is getting ready for her big day!  Make-up and hair was already booked!  All she had to do was show up.

Liz's Photos2013 128 Hair is in the works!

Liz's Photos2013 137 WOW!  The hair is on point! Love the curls.  My sis is almost ready.

Liz's Photos2013 148 I had the honor of buying my sis the perfect dress for her big day! Thank you Emelina’s Bridal for the BEAUTIFUL dress, keeping the SECRET and EXCELLENT customer service in making sure we had the dress ready!

Some images of her wedding day!

Liz's Photos2013 145 Liz's Photos2013 154 Liz's Photos2013 161 Liz's Photos2013 138  Liz's Photos2013 184 Liz's Photos2013 178 Liz's Photos2013 198 Liz's Photos2013 196 Liz's Photos2013 223 Liz's Photos2013 217 Liz's Photos2013 159 Liz's Photos2013 150

Just wait until you see her!

Liz's Photos2013 169

So you see my friends, A LOT went into this SURPRISE wedding that was planned in less than 4 or so weeks.  The majority of the credit goes to the GROOM!  Keeping a secret from someone so long had been the hardest, but totally worth it.  The intimate moment that they shared together in that venue will forever be a keepsake in my heart!

Mr. & Mrs. Tutton are now celebrating 2 years of marriage.  See the happy couple below.

Melissa & Tim

Have you ever surprised anyone?  OR had a surprise thrown on you?  I would love to hear about it!