A Chance Of A Lifetime…

Have you ever had an opportunity to cross your path that you simply couldn’t pass up or you second guessed yourself about submitting an application because you thought you would never have a chance at being selected  as a participant?   Well I have and the ODDS were forever in my favor!  I was selected through thousands of applicants to attend Project Belize last July through my awesome Firm, www.pwc.com.   Of course, I had that one mentor/co-worker that helped push me along the way to encourage me that this would be a perfect opportunity for me.  I did doubt myself that this wasn’t for me, or I wouldn’t know what to do once I got over there.  But, all I could think about in the end was the fact that I was going to travel across the world to make a difference in a child’s life, and I did just that. Continue reading “A Chance Of A Lifetime…”

A Random Act of Kindness

Hi! Welcome to Blog #2.  I am starting to get the hang of this, I think? Kinda, sorta:)  You know this world can be cruel sometimes and you never know what might be thrown your way.  Each day you wake up thinking you have life figured out at times, and then BOOM, something happens.  You may have had a rough start to your day, something may not be quiet right at home or you just have deadlines looming over your head for work.  Whatever the reason, somewhere in your day, you deserve a SMILE! Continue reading “A Random Act of Kindness”