In Search of Finding Mr. RIGHT…

So how did you spend YOUR Valentine’s Day?  Me?  I-I-I went on a date with 7 guys.  Yes, you are reading this correctly kinda sorta, but not really.  No, I didn’t have a bachelorette tv moment, but it kinda felt like it in a weird way.  I decided to try something that you see in the movies and think that it is so cool.  I signed up for Express Lane Speed Dating at in Carrollwood, FL.  I was not going to spend this V-Day alone so I talked 2 of my coolest friends in to tag along with me and give this thing a try.  So I heard that Cupid was on his way to Florida, was a connection made in the check-out lane? Continue reading “In Search of Finding Mr. RIGHT…”


Gemini Sisters

How do people make it through life without a sister?  I really would like to know?  I knew what that feeling felt like about 19 years ago when we were separated into the unknown.  I experienced the merry-go-round of oh, “you’ll get to see her”, or have weekly visits, here and there, or she’ll drop you a note sometime to stay in touch kinda thing.  Well that never happened, and life continued on as it should for 8 years.  In those 8 years, as I was doing my own thing, I always wondered where my sister was, or how she was doing?  I didn’t know where she was, or how I could get in touch with her so I just lived my life.  I knew God would direct me to her one day! Continue reading “Gemini Sisters”