26:35 Minutes To Making A Difference…Spread The WORD

You ever have that moment where your scrolling through your emails and you stumble upon an email that catches your eye?  I mean, we all have emails and we all are constantly deleting, replying, and sending mail to junk.  I remember the day when I was extremely busy at work and this particular email came to my inbox.  In the subject, it had read:  Joy FM Radio Interview.  Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s not everyday that you just get asked to be interviewed, let alone, on the RADIO!  I had to take a double take as I wanted to make sure it wasn’t sent to me in error.  When I had opened the email and noticed that it was indeed sent to me, I was BEYOND excited.  This was another chance for me to share with the world my story, my purpose and to SPREAD THE WORD. Continue reading “26:35 Minutes To Making A Difference…Spread The WORD”

A Box and 150 New Friends

I just knew I had my life all figured out.  I seemed happy.  I seemed like I was full of life and always ready to tackle whatever came my way.  No Problem.  The more I sat back and evaluated my life, the more I realized I was always the YES person and could barely say NO to people.  I was doing things that was pushing ME away from ME?  Sounds out of the norm, right?  I mean, how could you push yourself away from yourself?  Can that happen?!?!  Well Yes… When my best friend, Laura called me about a training that she had took several months prior to tell me that she wanted to sign me up for,  I kinda wanted to give push back as I didn’t want to go.  I wanted to fight with the idea.  I thought, hmm.  I already know where I stood with myself, why would I need to take 4 days out of my already cool life 🙂  to attend a leadership training to learn how to LOVE myself and become a leader?   This past weekend was the most AMAZING experience that I have had in quite a while.  I spent the entire weekend in tears!  I swear, I could have filled a bucket.  Why must you ask? Continue reading “A Box and 150 New Friends”