Guest Post: The FABULOUS Beautiful Booze

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Over the past couple of weeks I got to travel to Seattle, Washington (stay tune for future post) to visit a ole friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in ages, (OK, like 8 years) she was a high school friend that developed into a college roomie and well, you know, life just happened.  We all went our separate ways.   It was pretty awesome seeing her beautimus face and exploring the big CITY!  We got to play catch up on life and of course… OUR BLOGS!  I would like to introduce to you my good friend, and blogmate, Natalie from Beautiful Booze.  Over the course of my week of staying with her, I got to see hand in hand how she works her magic and creativity with her drinks.  I was/am still amazed at how she comes up with these concoctions.  I had the chance to interview Beautiful Booze, check out what she had to say…

Noordinaryliz:  What inspired you to do Beautiful Booze?

BB: I do a lot of parties and entertaining where I had friends asking me for drink recipes, so I kept making them.  After awhile, I decided to put them on a website/create a blog.

Noordnaryliz:  So where do you get your creativity from?

BB: I like to take ingredients that people have in their house, like spices and different items like that.  I also get inspiration from seasonal ingredients from farmer markets and grocery stores.

Noordinaryliz: So you’re currently living in Seattle, do you get inspiration from this DREAM City?

BB:  Yes, Seattle is a very seasonal place.  The Fresh Market is always open year round.  Almost all of my drinks have fresh fruit & vegetables and I just love that aspect without having all that sugary, syrupy type texture in my drinks.

Noordinaryliz:  So what do you like to do in your free time when you’re not doing Beautiful Booze?

BB: I like traveling, and I like going to different bars to get inspiration for different drinks.  I’m a home bartender, so my drinks aren’t going to be a typical crazy drink, because I don’t have a bar at home equipped like that, but I do like to take aspects from bars and get inspirations and you can make high-caliber cocktails at home without spending $10-12 on a cocktail.

Noordinaryliz: Out of all your drinks, what’s your favorite cocktail?

BB: It would have to be the Burnt Orange Bourbon Drink, because it’s simply delish!

Check out this cool drink below! Bourbon Blueberry Coconut Float.  I had the pleasure of watching Beautiful Booze whip this one up just in time for Memorial Day!  I will also be enjoying this come 4th of July as well.  It is so refreshing.  If you want to check out this drink and more, and see what Beautiful Booze is up to next, be sure to visit her website at:




Recipe: Bourbon Blueberry Coconut Float


1.5 ounces of bourbon

½ ounce of grenadine

½ ounce of blueberries +extra for garnish

2 ounces of club soda

2 scoops of coconut sorbet

1 cup of ice


In a large glass combine bourbon, blueberries, ice, and grenadine

Stir mixture and add to serving glass

Top mixture off with club soda and coconut sorbet

Garnish with blueberries and sparkling star


Yields: 1 serving

photo Cheers! Natalie with Beautiful Booze

The interview conversation is written by me on behalf of Beautiful Booze. The opinions and text are all mine.

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