Rescue, Rehab, Release…Inspire: Winter’s Story of HOPE

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Have you ever had a time in your life where you always second guess yourself at something? Maybe you see an opportunity come up at work and you think,  man, I have the skills for this and I know I can do it, but you psych yourself out to where you don’t apply to the position, or you’re a really good singer and your afraid to audition because you doubt yourself and you think you won’t make it far.  I bring this up because in life if we keep second guessing ourselves at things, we will miss out on some pretty awesome adventures.  I’m glad I didn’t miss out one this opportunity that I’m about to tell you!  Over this past weekend I got to do something that I never thought I would EVER, I mean EVER get to do, and that was spend it with Warner Bros and the cast of Dolphin Tale 2.  I mean seriously, who gets to do that?!?!  ME!!! The adventures from this weekend was so incredible and truly a once in a lifetime experience.  Over the course of the next several weeks, you will be seeing a series of blog posts about my AMAZING, INSPIRING, SWOOOOOOOing weekend!  In today’s post, I want to introduce you to Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA),  Home of Winter, the Dolphin and star of Dolphin Tale  and the upcoming film, Dolphin Tale 2. Continue reading “Rescue, Rehab, Release…Inspire: Winter’s Story of HOPE”

It’s HERE!!! New Dolphin Tale 2 Featurette with Gavin DeGraw. (FREE SONG GIVEAWAY)

I love DOLPHINS! I always felt like I could relate to them in some form or fashion.  I love water, I am friendly, I am determined, I like to do flips… you get the point!  I know you all have seen Dolphin Tale and absolutely LOVED IT!    It left you wanting to know more about Winter and how she is doing… Well guess what?!?!  Dolphin Tale 2 is right around the corner and it looks better than EVER!  It looks like Winter has a new friend…named HOPE :)!

I wanted to share with each of you the featured song that you will soon grow to LOVE as I have.  It is Gavin DeGraw’s  latest single, “You Got Me”, from the upcoming Dolphin Tale 2 relesase on September 12th!  EEEEEEEK, so EXCITED!!!!!!   This video & song is AMAZING!  I love how it features different angles of the movie (I won’t spoil it for you) and shows my very favorite hotspot of all time…Clearwater Marine AQUARIUM and hey, I love listening to Gavin…

So, is the anticipation getting to you yet?

Don’t tell anyone, but I have had this song on replay for the past few days… Yes, you will get HOOKED like I have.  PROMISE!!!


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