From Foster Care To The Big Four: No Ordinary Liz’s Story

I truly believe that your life is already planned out for you before you are born.  Each of us are unique in our own way and we all have our own reasons as to why we are placed in each other’s lives strategically.  I’ve come to believe that people travel in and out of your lives for a certain reasons.  You may not know at the time, but there’s always a purpose for it.  PURPOSE…now there’s a word that was my shadow for years.  YEARS…I was questioning…WHO AM I?!?! Continue reading “From Foster Care To The Big Four: No Ordinary Liz’s Story”

Treat the “MOTHER” in your Life to a SUNDAY FUN-DAY with the help of OpenTable!

Sunday, May 10th is a BIG holiday for everyone!  We will be honoring all the MOTHERS around the world for all the greatness they exemplify, while we have the ONE day we celebrate MOTHERS, I believe this should be done EVERY DAY.  As a child growing up and through my teens, I used to cringe at the word “mom” or “mother” because I never had a like figure in my life.  I always thought that a “mom” was just that, a “mom.”  Well I was wrong.  When I entered the foster care system, I began searching for someone, anyone to be my like figure.  They say that a mother is someone who leads by example, nurtures you, and will always be there to guide you.  Well I was on the hunt, looking for my “example.”  As I was bouncing around from home to home, school to school, group home to group home, I wasn’t finding it, seeing it or feeling it in anyone that I had come in contact with.  What was wrong with me? It wasn’t until I turned 18, aged out and was on my own, that I realized the word.  I didn’t just find one “example” I had found multiple.  For me, I don’t call them “mom” or “mother”, I refer to them as my GUARDIAN ANGELS!  I witness my sister becoming a new “mom” a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t until then that I truly discovered the true meaning of a MOTHER.  Watching her with my BEAUTIFUL new niece is the sweetest thing EVER! Continue reading “Treat the “MOTHER” in your Life to a SUNDAY FUN-DAY with the help of OpenTable!”