WHAT if I told you that for once in your life, YOU get a chance to partake in a battle and get away with it?  Would you believe me?  TRUE STORY. Big City Events presents to you a NO ORDINARY battle that involves a hefty amount of fish, rice a slinging, shrimp tails a flying, chopsticks a clicking and some fierce competitors giving it their ALL at this year’s…wait for it… Continue reading “Sushi + Saki = LET’S BATTLE (GIVEAWAY)”

No su Ordinaria Golf Restaurante y Bar: ¡Cuatro

Are you wondering why No Ordinary Liz has gone multicultural?  It’s because I was introduced to ¡CUATRO chefs, that’s why.  Yep, last week, I along with my Tampa Bay Blogger friends was invited to a VIP tasting of their top-notch menu/cocktails that was out of this world!  We sipped, mingled, laughed and tasted the night away.  It seemed like one dish was spectacular and nothing couldn’t beat what I was tasting and then BOOM, here comes another!  Same with the cocktails. They just kept getting better with each sip!  We tasted restaurant selections as well as catering offerings that you won’t find on the menu. Continue reading “No su Ordinaria Golf Restaurante y Bar: ¡Cuatro”