Hey NASHVILLE! No Ordinary Liz is coming for YOU!! Are YOU Ready?

Whelp!  It’s that time!  TIME for me to dust off my old cowboy boot (I can only wear one, since I’m still sporting my fancy “robocop” boot from post Achilles tendon surgery) and my good ole Stetson cowboy hat!  I haven’t had a reason to pull them out since my awesome college days! Continue reading “Hey NASHVILLE! No Ordinary Liz is coming for YOU!! Are YOU Ready?”



I was in line at Starbucks a few weeks back and had seen this FUN colored compact car.  It was a cute little car!  It totally screamed NO ORDINARY LIZ! I was thinking to myself, self…how cool would it be to get the opportunity to ride around in THAT car?  WHELP!  POOF!!! As luck would have it,  I had the most amazing opportunity to review, a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES as part of a blogger outreach program through DriveShopUSA  and it was delivered to my front door!  She was a fiery red little thang.  She needed a name!  So with the help of my social media friends, we came up with HOT TAMALE! Continue reading “OH THE PLACES WE Will GO…”

When LIFE Presses the Pause Button…

According to Greek Mythology, ACHILLES was one of the best fighters the gates of Troy had seen. ACHILLES who is known as the Greek hero of the Trojan War, was predicted to live a short life.  ACHILLES‘s mother didn’t want to lose her son too soon, so she wanted to make him immortal. She held him by the ankle and dipped  him into the River Styx.  River Styx is known to make you invulnerable. Whelp, as you would’ve guessed it, the dipping made ACHILLES invulnerable everywhere, except for the one area directly where she had her fingers gripped while she was dipping him. Continue reading “When LIFE Presses the Pause Button…”