No Ordinary Style for No Ordinary Liz (Product Review)

FREEZING would be the word I would best describe how it has been here the past couple of weeks.  Here, in case you were wondering would be Tampa, FL and when I say FREEZING, I’m saying temps as in high 60’s and low 30’s.  I know…I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably shaking your head right about now, BUT that is how it is here in these parts!  As much as I love the sunshine, I was a little bit excited to see these temperatures roll into the bay area for a number of reasons…. Continue reading “No Ordinary Style for No Ordinary Liz (Product Review)”

ICYMI: 5 Steps to Being The Best YOU!!! (GUEST POST)

Hey YA’LL!!!  Guess, what?!?!  I’ve had the honor of guest writing over at!  I have to tell ya, this was a pretty cool experience 🙂 and LOVED meeting Justine virtually!  While you’re over reading my inspiring blog post, stop by and check out her awesome page, tweets and insights on how to make your life a little simplier!!! Continue reading “ICYMI: 5 Steps to Being The Best YOU!!! (GUEST POST)”