No Ordinary Wedding!!!!

So what do you do for a sister that is the best ever, EVER? You throw her a surprise wedding, of course. Yes, you heard me right. My sister got engaged on June 19th, 2013 in Waynesville, North Carolina at Skinny Dip Falls

melissas ring

and we had been doing the wedding thing for months. Dress shopping here, email wedding planner there, pin this hairstyle on pinterest, destination shopping, etc. She couldn’t quite decide when/where she wanted to have her dream wedding.  So SURPRISE SIS! You’re Getting Married!! I was not alone in planning this by a long shot. I had to have some help! My sister’s fiance’ contacted me about the 1st week of November to gather my thoughts about the whole thing.  At first, I was a little nervous as you never know how someone will respond to such a surprise.  I mean, seriously. This is her whole life you’re talking about.  But, knowing him and the length of their relationship, I knew that if anyone knew my sister, it was him and if he was ready to plan this, then so was I.  Let the planning begin!  But the big question here is… HOW DO I KEEP THIS SECRET FROM MY OWN SISTER?  I mean, I did live with her and had to talk wedding stuff to her ALL the time.  We decided that her big day was going to be on 12/21/13, so not a whole lot of time here…

I had a lot of questions about everything as I was always the bridesmaid, never a bride, or maid of honor.  So I knew very little about weddings.  OH this is soo hard.  Pinterest, wedding movies and Starbucks was my saving grace! 

So how does a surprise wedding go down anyway?

Well it goes a little something like this…

Liz's Photos2013 006 We said YES TO THE DRESS!!!

Liz's Photos2013 049 Several trips to NC to see the venue and plan the wedding layout with the florist:)  I got to enjoy these two adorable boys along the way!

Liz's Photos2013 069 Thursday, December 18th. The surprised bachelorette party my BEST of FRIENDS and I in North Carolina had planned for my SIS on the day she actually found out she was getting MARRIED! Thank you to The Patio Bistro for your hospitality and AHHHMAAZING food!

Liz's Photos2013 071  Cute Takeaways for all

Liz's Photos2013 121  The BEAUTIFUL bride is getting ready for her big day!  Make-up and hair was already booked!  All she had to do was show up.

Liz's Photos2013 128 Hair is in the works!

Liz's Photos2013 137 WOW!  The hair is on point! Love the curls.  My sis is almost ready.

Liz's Photos2013 148 I had the honor of buying my sis the perfect dress for her big day! Thank you Emelina’s Bridal for the BEAUTIFUL dress, keeping the SECRET and EXCELLENT customer service in making sure we had the dress ready!

Some images of her wedding day!

Liz's Photos2013 145 Liz's Photos2013 154 Liz's Photos2013 161 Liz's Photos2013 138  Liz's Photos2013 184 Liz's Photos2013 178 Liz's Photos2013 198 Liz's Photos2013 196 Liz's Photos2013 223 Liz's Photos2013 217 Liz's Photos2013 159 Liz's Photos2013 150

Just wait until you see her!

Liz's Photos2013 169

So you see my friends, A LOT went into this SURPRISE wedding that was planned in less than 4 or so weeks.  The majority of the credit goes to the GROOM!  Keeping a secret from someone so long had been the hardest, but totally worth it.  The intimate moment that they shared together in that venue will forever be a keepsake in my heart!

Mr. & Mrs. Tutton are now celebrating 2 years of marriage.  See the happy couple below.

Melissa & Tim

Have you ever surprised anyone?  OR had a surprise thrown on you?  I would love to hear about it!

14 thoughts on “No Ordinary Wedding!!!!

  1. I was not lucky enough to have a sister, instead I got two brothers. My youngest brother is getting married this summer and lucky for me my sister in law is amazing as has allowed me to be part of the planning experience, its so fun!

  2. What a neat story! She looks amazing! I surprised my husband on our 4th wedding anniversary and took him to go see the new Star Wars movie when it came out. Luck of the draw that the movie would come out right around our anniversary lol. He was having a horrible day, and when I surprised him with tickets, he cried and gave me the biggest kiss. I love surprises!!

  3. What a shock to have a wedding planned out like that!! I bet that was a huge relief of stress to her not to have to worry about so much planning! What an amazing man your brother in law is to plan that out for her.

  4. Wow, a surprise wedding! I never heard of such a thing. But hey, if it works, it works! Rock on. We had a really informal wedding at the beach. Perfection!

  5. You are the BEST sister ever. What an amazing surprise and how much fun to put it together. I’m not sure I could keep it a secret! Congratulations on two years of marriage 🙂

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