REVIEW: No Ordinary Sandwich

What if I told you I know a place where you could get a sandwich that made Thanksgiving explode in your mouth with all the FALL flavors?  Would you believe me?  Trust me, I didn’t believe it at first, but the moment that beautiful sandwich found its way to me, I BELIEVED at taste of first bite. I’ve had many fun/festive sandwiches in my day, but had yet discovered a taste like that before.

earl3 (Friends make any experience FUN with Tracy (left), new blogger over at A Trace of Fun and Nayra (right))

Last week, I was a special guest along with some of my Tampa Bay blog mates and amazing friends at Earl of Sandwich’s table located at International Mall in Tampa. I have to say it was an awesome way to end my day. We had the opportunity to sample some of Earl’s top sandwiches as well as soups, mac “n” cheese and dessert. General Manager, John Dozier took us on a walk through history to learn how Earl of Sandwich was born.   WOW, what an experience it was.  My goal that evening was to do my part in tasting all the things.


I’d like to rank the top sandwiches that had my taste buds watering from highest to lowest for your reading and viewing pleasure.  If at any point, you get the urge to google an Earl of Sandwich near you, you’re welcome.

1.  earlturkey (photo courtesy of Earl of Sandwich) Holiday Turkey  :::faints:::

2. earlroast (photo courtesy of Earl of Sandwich) The Original 1762

3. earlchipotle (photo courtesy of Earl of Sandwich) Chipotle Chicken Avocado

4. earlclub  (photo courtesy of Earl of Sandwich) The Earl’s Club

earl2  Thank you Ghirardelli for getting me “dessert wasted” with all your sweetness!

November 3rd was National Sandwich Day and yes, I’m a day late in celebrating this delicate holiday, BUT, you never need a reason to celebrate a no ordinary sandwich. Make sure you pencil in a lunch date to see “EARL” real soon!

To learn more about THE WORLD’S GREATEST HOT SANDWICH and their loyalty program, be sure to follow Earl of Sandwich on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Comment below if you’ve dined at Earl of Sandwich and which sandwich was your favorite!

Disclaimer: This post is written on behalf of  Earl of Sandwich.  I was able to taste their menu in exchange for blog and social media posts.   All opinions are my own.

19 thoughts on “REVIEW: No Ordinary Sandwich

  1. Jeanine

    Wow look at how delicious! I love sandwiches, and don’t eat them nearly enough. Subs are seriously one of my weaknesses. These look great!

  2. chefjoe11

    I think I went to an Earl of Sandwich in Disney! It was wonderful. I love to eat a nice big sandwich on vacation. They fill me up all day long.

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