REVIEW: No Ordinary Dinner

Like many others, I was a bit hesitant about dining at Piquant.  Not just because of its location, price point, or reputation, but also because I was afraid of being able to keep up with level of the service. Yep, I was intimidated. 

Would I fit in? (I’m a simple girl). Could I afford it? (#budgetlife). Would I know how to order something off the menu? (The only French I know is French fries). How in the world do you say Piquant anyway…Pee-cant, pi-qwant, pi cant?  Thankfully, my friend who studied French was able to help me out, but it still made me a bit nervous.

In retrospect, I should have walked in that place like I owned it. I’m a foodie by heart. I love trying new things. This experience should not have been any different. As our tasting event began, my thoughts definitely began to shift and I settled into the comfort zone I know best- surrounded by delicious food. 😉

Calamari, the fried kind, is generally quite good. This plate, however, was served with seasoned potatoes with Spanish oil seasoning, of which was both confusing but oh so satisfying. It is not often that I want to be surprised with seafood, but in this case, I welcomed every bite.


Follow that with pork belly, béarnaise, egg, and lemon scone, and I am already in heaven.  This was totally a brunch worthy meal!!


But I am yet to even begin on what my actual dinner was. Surprise, surprise here comes a tantalizing salad with beets (I know I know, but trust me).


Ok, about now, I can’t possibly conceive of how this could be any better. And BAM. How about another sampler from the chef? Oh yea, the chef dangled a sample of croissant bread in front of our table. I was about to devour in the most decadent slice of heaven that has ever hit Tampa!  Can we take a moment to talk about that fresh out of the oven smell? p4

Partake I did. Little did I know, I had only the best plated dinner waiting;. Napoleon Salmon. Little guy combined with fish. What could go wrong? Nothing! I am assuming the only reason they named my dinner after a small power hungry man was due to the fact that you can pack a lot of power in a little punch. Hence my fabulous plate. A simple fish plated over pate braise, ratatouille, hollandaise (holla), and dill… I never thought I would write any of those words in a post, let alone in the same sentence together, yet I can’t wait to shout it from the mountain tops.


It is nights like these that I love to be disproved, shocked, even rendered speechless. Don’t discount those places that you think may not be your style, or not your jam, or no ordinary you. Because let me assure you; when you dare to delve into a #noordinarydinner, you dare to be the only and true version of you. And honestly, that is the only version of you that really matters.


The last thing that would make this night over-the-top perfect, was to treat my taste buds with this amazing Valrhona Chocolate Cherry Croissant Bread Pudding. Everything about this dish was amazing and a great way to end the night with awesome blogger friends.

In the words of my lovely friends from the south,  Laissez les bons temps rouler; and the good times are rolling when it comes to filling my belly at Piquant.

To learn more about Piquant and their amazing dishes, be sure to follow Piquant  on Twitter Facebook, or Instagram!

Disclosure: This post is written on behalf of  Piquant.  I was able to taste their menu in exchange for blog and social media posts.   All opinions are my own.

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