No Ordinary Resolutions

Can you believe it? We are here. It has taken me about two weeks to try to digest that 2017 is really here! Ummm…where did 2016 go?  It seems like yesterday I was picking my jaw off the floor over Y2K.  I guess the feedback my teachers used to tell back then were true. “Never wish your life away” they’d always say. But it’s true. Do you ever wake up and say, ” I wished it was summer already?” or “I wished it was 5:00pm?” GUILTY as charged. The “older” I get, the more I realize how I want those words back. If you think about it, the days & years are soaring right by us like a plane taking off. From 0-180mph. Now that’s pretty darn fast.  Marjorie Pay Hinckley  provides the best solution on how we should live this thing called life! “The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead!”

So with that being said, after two weeks of thinking, planning, strategizing, going broke in Office Depot and maneuvering how I wanted to achieve these certain goals in 2017, it really comes down to this: DO YOU!

Well what do I mean by that, you say? It’s simple. If you do the things that make YOU happy, you have already succeeded and your original goals that you set for yourself will play out right before you. Even though life around you is running at maximum speed, doesn’t mean you can’t slow down to enjoy MORE!

In no particular order, here’s a few MORE things I want to accomplish every day of the entire year!

MORE jamming
MORE enjoying life
MORE dreaming
MORE sunsets
MORE hugs
MORE road trips
MORE blogging
MORE love
MORE fun
MORE sleep
MORE coffee
MORE friends
MORE thinking
MORE Netflix
MORE creating
MORE mentoring
MORE sista time
MORE discovering
MORE mistakes
MORE leading
MORE smoky mountains
MORE chicken pot pie
MORE fierce
MORE authentic
MORE chances
MORE inspiring
MORE thankful
MORE chicken & dumplings
MORE LaCroix
MORE learning
MORE media

Hold on to each moment. Cherish it and REPEAT!

quote(photo courtesy of Google)

Have a wonderful New Year being YOU!

Do you have any things you want to do MORE of this year? I would love to hear what those are!

26 thoughts on “No Ordinary Resolutions

  1. I want to do more painting, and more teaching, but mostly, more art that I am doing not for a class, not for a commission, but because it is something I just have a need to create.

  2. Jolina

    Now that I’m older, man I really get what people mean when they say don’t wish your life away. I look back and wonder where did all those years go! This year I just plan to be more in the moment, you know? And do a bit more traveling.

  3. Time is something interesting. We all have the same amount of time everyday. Interesting to see how each one of us use this time differently. We are not putting off traveling or enjoying something anymore because we think we will have time to do it later.

  4. Sounds like a lot of GREAT MORE’s :). I would say over half of your list is on my list as well :). I’m planning on a road trip to Tennessee this summer. It’s a 12 hour drive, but looking forward to it!

  5. Dee

    I believe in having more positive life period. Just to knock out all the negative thoughts and people. This will make for a great year.

  6. I would love to read more this year and travel more! Since I’ll be finishing grad school in the spring I’m pretty optimistic that I’ll have time for more of both those things this year

  7. I enjoyed reading your post! I loved the energy and the drive to be MORE this year. If I were to choose something I’d like to do or have more, it is more opportunities and more earnings! Wishing you all the best this 2017!

  8. I love this quote and it really is so true that we shouldn’t wish our life away or wait for the perfect day. Do You is something that I am doing this year because life is way to short not to enjoy every day or every thing. Thanks for sharing your awesome list and this beautiful quote.

  9. bohemianbabushka

    2017 will be a year of travel- on all levels. Babushka will try to travel more w/hubby and on more spiritual and practical planes. Time to get my business and home where they should be. BB2U

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