No Ordinary GIVING

In less than 24 hours, something amazing will be hitting the Tampa Bay area!  Give Day Tampa Bay!   On Tuesday, May 3rd, thousands will be opening their hearts to the local nonprofits around the Bay that help our communities find and maintain their purpose. The list of participating nonprofit organizations this year are over 595! Continue reading “No Ordinary GIVING”

A Chance Of A Lifetime…To INSPIRE and Be INSPIRED

HAVE you ever had an opportunity to cross your path that you simply couldn’t pass up or you second guessed yourself about submitting an application because you thought you would never have a chance at being selected  as a participant?   Well I have and the ODDS were forever in my favor!  I was selected through thousands of applicants to attend Project Belize in July 2013 through my awesome Firm,   Of course, I had that one mentor/co-worker that helped push me along the way to encourage me that this would be a perfect opportunity for me.  I did doubt myself that this wasn’t for me, or I wouldn’t know what to do once I got over there.  But, all I could think about in the end was the fact that I was going to travel across the world to make a difference in a child’s life, and I did just that. Continue reading “A Chance Of A Lifetime…To INSPIRE and Be INSPIRED”


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Today marks the 1st official week since Dolphin Tale 2 came out in theaters.  Did you know it is already ranked the #1 Family Movie in AMERICA?!?!?!  It has only been out a WEEK!!!!  This is just way cool 🙂  Have you seen it yet?!  Is it on your radar to see it?!?!  Oh I am just so curious to gather your thoughts on what you thought about it.  Did you leave the theater with bloodshot eyes like I did or have your shirt soaked because you didn’t have tissues with you…. Continue reading “When Harry met NOORDINARYLIZ…TRUE STORY :)”