No Ordinary Life for No Ordinary Liz (Repost)

LIFE is…

  • getting lost and finding your way
  • failing and making mistakes
  • learning to find your own path
  • following your heart
  • learning to forgive
  • finding your purpose
  • letting go and trusting
  • learning to forgive
  • being kind

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CHOSEN Took My Breath Away…

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There are things in life that are generally expected to take our breath away, you meet that great love (yep, still looking), you experience the birth of a baby, (adorbs) or you hit your big toe on the corner of your dresser…OUCH!  Whelp, I’m still holding my breath that is…until this past weekend!  No, I didn’t find that great love, or hit my big toe, BUT I did experience something so much greater than any of that!  Are you curious yet? Continue reading “CHOSEN Took My Breath Away…”