No Ordinary Resolutions

Can you believe it? We are here. It has taken me about two weeks to try to digest that 2017 is really here! Ummm…where did 2016 go?  It seems like yesterday I was picking my jaw off the floor over Y2K.  I guess the feedback my teachers used to tell back then were true. “Never wish your life away” they’d always say. But it’s true. Do you ever wake up and say, ” I wished it was summer already?” or “I wished it was 5:00pm?” GUILTY as charged. The “older” I get, the more I realize how I want those words back. If you think about it, the days & years are soaring right by us like a plane taking off. From 0-180mph. Now that’s pretty darn fast.  Marjorie Pay Hinckley  provides the best solution on how we should live this thing called life! “The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead!” Continue reading “No Ordinary Resolutions”

Hey NASHVILLE! No Ordinary Liz is coming for YOU!! Are YOU Ready?

Whelp!  It’s that time!  TIME for me to dust off my old cowboy boot (I can only wear one, since I’m still sporting my fancy “robocop” boot from post Achilles tendon surgery) and my good ole Stetson cowboy hat!  I haven’t had a reason to pull them out since my awesome college days! Continue reading “Hey NASHVILLE! No Ordinary Liz is coming for YOU!! Are YOU Ready?”

No Ordinary Drink for No Ordinary Liz

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Well look who is back from traveling the world?  OK, not REALLY, but I have been all over some states like FL, TN, SC, NC & GA!   I took part of November and all of December on a whirlwind hehe!  I packed my new car (Mini Pearl as I like to call her) down and headed on a glorious road trip that embarked on seeing LOTS of old faces, new faces, new places and LOTS of coffee shops.  I slept in spaces I didn’t know existed.  It was a NO ORDINARY road trip!  One that added about 10,000 miles on my new car!  I mean, aye… isn’t that what a car is for?  To take all OVER the place? Continue reading “No Ordinary Drink for No Ordinary Liz”