No Ordinary Sweets

Have you ever had a craving for sweets from your childhood and couldn’t remember the exact name of it? Doesn’t it drive you bonkers? Happens to me ALL the time. That is until a while ago when I stumbled across this hidden gem, Sugarwish!

One sweet day, I was on Instagram scrolling through my feed when all of a sudden I see that CANDY that I dream of from my childhood days.! It was like I had transported into a virtual candy world. Whelp, a few weeks ago, I was invited to take a walk down memory lane and to sample a few of their sweet products! It went something like this…

Do you have a sweet tooth now?

No problem, I can help you fix it!

Sugarwish offers a variety of classic candies, freshly-baked cookies, gourmet popcorn and crunchy snacks to choose from for any occasion (birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, remote working, virtual team events, etc.) or just because. You get to select your wish size, personalize a message with sweet words, then hit send. But wait, I haven’t shared the SWEETEST part! Your recipient (or yourself) gets to pick out the treats they want directly from their online shop. I believe they have something for everyone! Psst..I heard new sweet flavors are on the way!

So what are you waiting for? Sweet happiness is waiting to be delivered!

(Photo Credit: Sugarwish) Did you miss Father’s Day? It’s not too late to send over some sweet words and a sweet gift.

Disclaimer: This post is written on behalf of Sugarwish!  All pictures and content were provided by Sugarwish.  I was able to experience their sweetness in exchange for blog and social media posts.   All opinions are my own.

No Ordinary Bucket List

We all love an adventure. I know I certainly do. I can’t get enough of it.

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Hey NASHVILLE! No Ordinary Liz is coming for YOU!! Are YOU Ready?

Whelp!  It’s that time!  TIME for me to dust off my old cowboy boot (I can only wear one, since I’m still sporting my fancy “robocop” boot from post Achilles tendon surgery) and my good ole Stetson cowboy hat!  I haven’t had a reason to pull them out since my awesome college days! Continue reading “Hey NASHVILLE! No Ordinary Liz is coming for YOU!! Are YOU Ready?”