CHOSEN Took My Breath Away…

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There are things in life that are generally expected to take our breath away, you meet that great love (yep, still looking), you experience the birth of a baby, (adorbs) or you hit your big toe on the corner of your dresser…OUCH!  Whelp, I’m still holding my breath that is…until this past weekend!  No, I didn’t find that great love, or hit my big toe, BUT I did experience something so much greater than any of that!  Are you curious yet? Continue reading “CHOSEN Took My Breath Away…”

Wanna Help? IPAD Mini Raffle to Benefit “BabySanchez” Adoption

WOW, where does the time go?  I can’t believe that it is already August… ALMOST.  I don’t know if you remember, but back in April, I posted a blog introducing Chosen Marathon and a  friend of a “friend”, named Sandra who is in the process of expanding her family and adopting.  At the time, I didn’t really know the Sanchez family until recently when I had the honor of sitting with them over dinner.  I got to sit with them and learn about who they were and why they were looking to extend their family.  I can now say that we are no longer acquaintances, but now friends.  I wanted to help Dean and Sandra share their story in hopes of gaining support, runners and guidance.  Below, I have included part of Sandra’s story.  If you are compelled and moved to want to help this family in any way, we are hosting a raffle to win an IPAD mini. Details will be below.  Continue reading “Wanna Help? IPAD Mini Raffle to Benefit “BabySanchez” Adoption”

Adoption, Chosen Marathon & BabySanchez2014

In life, we always RUN across things that make us question why things happen they way they do. Some things are good, some things are bad.   We will sit and ponder on it for days until it simple drives us crazy.  Trust ME, I know your sitting there, nodding your head because you agree with me.  Some of us have a life that we wanted, some of us have a life that we didn’t want, some of us have a life that someone CHOSE for us, and then, some of us have a life that, well, we CREATED on our own and that is what I did.  You see, I was an orphan, who grew up in multiple foster homes in the foster care system.  In short, I didn’t have parents that could easily terminate their rights (TPR) for me to get adopted.  So I came across A LOT of STRANGERS very quickly in my lifetime.  BUT that is another blog :).  I wanted to introduce to you CHOSEN… It is an upcoming 1/2 or full marathon for ADOPTION.   You could run for a child who doesn’t have to be introduced to A LOT of STRANGERS like myself.  You could RUN for them and provide a chance for a loving home, a warm bed, loving family and simply LOVE… Continue reading “Adoption, Chosen Marathon & BabySanchez2014”