Clearwater Beach Uncorked Extravaganza: RECAP

I had the pleasure of attending the Clearwater Beach Uncorked’s fifth anniversary extravaganza event on Sunday, February 6th along the sandy white shores of FL coastline and let me tell ya, it was “off the chain” as one would say!  If you didn’t have the opportunity to make it out to this years AMAZING event, you were missing out on all the popping of bottles, the array of smells, the BEAUTIFUL FL rays beaming down on you, the wind whistling in your ear as you were walking through tent to (VIP) tent, the chatter of voices in dismay over the world-class foods that was presented in front of them AND the amount of SWAG that one could carry!  NOW, I appreciate why this event was held over the course of TWO days!  I would’ve been bummed if I had missed any of this action!  It certainly was a whole day of FABULOUS-NESS~

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Clearwater Beach Uncorked Extravaganza: Sip, Slurp & Sunshine

Mark your calendars NOW! In T<5 days, there will be A LOT of popping bottles hitting the sandy white shores as thousands with great minds alike will be heading to Clearwater Beach and YOU don’t want to miss it!  In fact, you definitely  want to be a part of it.  At  Clearwater Beach Uncorked‘s fifth anniversary extravaganza EVENT, they promise to provide you with world-class foods, exquisite wines and a wide array of beers that FLORIDA’S west coast has to offer!  I mean, seriously, they couldn’t fit it all into one day, so that’s why it will be held over the span of two days for you!  TWO, whole days of FABULOUS!!  I can’t handle it 🙂 🙂  This AMAZING event will be parked at  South of Barefoot Beach House on Saturday, February 6th between 1:00 – 5:00 PM  & Sunday, February 7th between 1:00 – 5:00 PM!  You totally don’t want to MISS any of this! Continue reading “Clearwater Beach Uncorked Extravaganza: Sip, Slurp & Sunshine”

No Ordinary Drink for No Ordinary Liz

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Well look who is back from traveling the world?  OK, not REALLY, but I have been all over some states like FL, TN, SC, NC & GA!   I took part of November and all of December on a whirlwind hehe!  I packed my new car (Mini Pearl as I like to call her) down and headed on a glorious road trip that embarked on seeing LOTS of old faces, new faces, new places and LOTS of coffee shops.  I slept in spaces I didn’t know existed.  It was a NO ORDINARY road trip!  One that added about 10,000 miles on my new car!  I mean, aye… isn’t that what a car is for?  To take all OVER the place? Continue reading “No Ordinary Drink for No Ordinary Liz”