Not Your ORDINARY Irish PUB!

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Do you ever just have one of those days where you just want to devour yourself in COMFORT food and don’t want to feel guilty about it afterwards?!?!  Boy do I have the place for you.  This place that I am about to introduce to you not only has the best COMFORT food, but it has the biggest TV screens where you can catch a glimpse of your favorite QB making his play.  In my case, it would be Matt Ryan!  GO FALCONS!!! I was introduced to this place a while back through an instameet.  I had passed by this place many times as I made my way to catch a movie here and there and always wondered what was “around the corner” so to speak.   When I would think of a PUB, the first things that come to my mind are they typical bar food, loud music and the basic atmosphere.  Well I was proven wrong when I was introduced to IRISH 31.  This place is AMAZING!

Check out what you’ve been missing!

New Pictures2014 006 Meet Jay, he’s the owner/founder of this pretty cool establishment and to hear how this place got its name was pretty cool and inspirational.   Here, he’s spilling the beans… 
New Pictures2014 007  Speaking of beans… this was a pretty tasty appetizer!  Here, if you can find it in the mix of cocktails and beer, Mulligan Stew!  It was SOOOO good!  You really can’t just take one bite!


New Pictures2014 008  OH MY GOODNESS…I don’t know about you, but if you’re a Sheppard’s Pie lover, then you will totally fall over with the first taste of these bad boys.  These are called Sheppards Pie Boxty and the gravy you see on the side is Ahhh-ma-zzzz-ing!
New Pictures2014 009   As if things couldn’t get ANY better, they had to bring this out!  This is called the Size of Ireland Pot Pie.  Again, SO DELISH!  You see all that puffy stuff on the outside, um yeah, it tastes just as good as it looks and the inside is filled with this warm chicken, carrots, celery… you get the point.  YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS DISH!!! 
New Pictures2014 020  If you can’t tell by now that I LOVE chicken, well I do 🙂  This dish had me at HELLO.  This is called the Farmer’s Fried Chicken and it was hearty!  The chicken was so warm, crispy and juicy and it had hit the spot. They give you enough to enjoy twice!  A MUST TRY!!


New Pictures2014 010  And of course, you have to save room for desert, it you can!  I don’t know how you can after all of the yumminess going on above!  Here is the Irish 31’s Bread Pudding!  I had them bring out a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I was done!  LOL.  This again, was an AMAZING dish!  You have to share because you can’t eat this by yourself!

So you see this isn’t your ORDINARY Irish Pub now is it?  Here, they REALLY don’t just SETTLE for bar food!  I encourage you to stop by when you get a chance or if you’re not local, but are planning to visit us in the near future, make sure you make a pit stop here!  You’ll be glad you did 🙂

Are you hungry yet?
The review is written by me on behalf of Irish 31. The opinions are all mine.

11 thoughts on “Not Your ORDINARY Irish PUB!

  1. Mmmmm!

    Makes me hungry just reading this! I am a big fan of Shepard’s Pie – are those like mini Shepard’s pies that are rolled up? Very interesting!

    I’ll be heading to St. Petes in a few months – I’ll have to stop by!


  2. Your first line just made me feel so comfortable – about not feeling guilty about eating comfort food! Well, that’s because I just did, in fact… ah, no guilt!

    I can feel your enthusiasm for this Irish pub and it’s tasty cooking. I wish I were there right now, you’ve given me such an appetite. And yes, guilt-free!

  3. talesfromasouthernmomof3

    Love a good pub! Pub food always has a great flair that is just a bit different! Thanks for this post now I wanna eat and drink!

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