CHOSEN Took My Breath Away…

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There are things in life that are generally expected to take our breath away, you meet that great love (yep, still looking), you experience the birth of a baby, (adorbs) or you hit your big toe on the corner of your dresser…OUCH!  Whelp, I’m still holding my breath that is…until this past weekend!  No, I didn’t find that great love, or hit my big toe, BUT I did experience something so much greater than any of that!  Are you curious yet?

I don’t know if you remember me talking about CHOSEN in my previous posts, but this past weekend we had the half marathon here in Tampa.  I was introduced to this race by a good friend of mine, and blogmate, Orangespoken who had a friend that was looking to adopt and participate in this race.  I’ve written about BabySanchez in a previous post.  Over the past couple of months leading up to this race, I’ve gotten to know the Sanchez family a little bit better.  We’ve moved from the “friend of a friend” kinda stage to now “friends.”  I have been keeping up with their adoption story and hearing them praise CHOSEN!

Chosen Marathon 079 The wonderful Sandra Sanchez! 

That weekend, I didn’t hit the payment and do the 13.1 miles as the other 500 or so runners did, I decided to volunteer at the finish line handing out the medals to those who came across it.  I wanted to look in the eyes of those who were running to give others a SECOND CHANCE, HOPE, a LIFE, a HOME, and LOVE to congratulate them or to comfort them as some had big tears as the finished!  What they didn’t know was that SECOND CHANCE was standing right in front of them.

Chosen Marathon 029

So why did CHOSEN take my breath away?  See for yourself…

Chosen Marathon 058 Chosen Marathon 057 Seeing these kids who are or in the stages or being adopted running as fast as they could to greet the runner with a medal!  

Chosen Marathon 052 Seeing those in PURPLE shirts supporting BabySanchez!  What I found to be most amazing about this is that Sandra had over 70 ppl running for her!  Most of these ppl she didn’t know……but met after the race 🙂

Chosen Marathon 065 Two strangers who are from different paths, came together on one for a purpose!

Chosen Marathon 047Chosen Marathon 099Chosen Marathon 080 The people’s SECOND CHANCES!

Chosen Marathon 045Chosen Marathon 046  The encouragement we get from a friend…

Chosen Marathon 090  CHOSEN’s Angels…

Chosen Marathon 054 She was running for her SISTER…Chosen Marathon 053 To be able to capture that moment….

Chosen Marathon 051 This AMAZING boy ran for himself and his family!  What an inspiration it was to see him cross Chosen Marathon 027 this…

Chosen Marathon 095 Ed, who was on a CANE completed the 13.1 mile marathon.  I was so moved with hearing his story, that I had to run out to him and walk with him to the finish line!  This right here was the most inspirational moment, I’ve ever experienced and to know the reason behind it… Chosen Marathon 096 he has adopted children…

Chosen Marathon 060 Loved this picture!  Waiting on the sidelines and being the cheerleaders for bringing home BabySanchez!

But the BIGGEST MOMENT for me was…

Chosen Marathon 073 watching Sandra Sanchez run across that finish line and being greeted by her son who put the medal on her!  Such an epic moment. 

Chosen Marathon 094 🙂


Yep, CHOSEN, you did take my breath away, not once, but SEVERAL times!  I have never experienced a more real, heartfelt, motivational race such as CHOSEN!  I walked away that day with my heart so FULL!  I know that BabySanchez will arrive very soon for the Sanchez’s.  CHOSEN soon will be taking their breath away!  I just know IT!

If you’re interested in adopting or would like to participate in a race near you, be sure to check out CHOSEN.

Take Breath


The post is written by me about Chosen Marathon. The opinions are all mine.

13 thoughts on “CHOSEN Took My Breath Away…

  1. I think this is a great way to be involved with something that really makes a difference in people’s lives…without having to run that 13 miles! lol…I could do something like this and I be my girls would love to participate too!

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