Not Your Ordinary Hyde Park Scavenger Hunt…(#GIVEAWAY)

Hiiiiii! Helloooooo, Howdy…. Guess who’s back from a looonnnnnggggg blogging hiatus?  Did you miss me??  I’ve missed you guys and apologize for not posting anything for a couple of months, but I’ve been working on a couple of FUN things and you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what’s coming 🙂 🙂 :).

One of those cool FUN things is happening NOW!  A couple of weeks ago I attended a fun event sponsored by the Tampa Bay Bloggers and we leisurely strolled, sipped, mingled and munched our way through the historic shopping district in Hyde Park Tampa, FL. (I may or may not’ve gotten a little tipsy, tipsy from all the sipping…Just saying 🙂 ) So during our strolling, each of the businesses were giving away some awesome swag to us Tampa Bay Bloggers as we checked out what their businesses had to offer. I would love to give you all a chance to win some of those cool items!  While I got to take the stroll LIVE, you can do it VIRTUALLY!


Ready to get your HUNT ON?

Here are the Rules to Hyde Park Virtual Scavenger Hunt
I’m going to show you a list of businesses that I strolled into throughout my evening!

Underneath the list, you will find snapshots of something unique that was taken from each business!  The ask is to see if you can guess which piece of the picture belongs with which business! Now, if you’ve been to Hyde Park, these will be a breeze! If you’ve never been, make an educated guess (or visit each of the business links listed below, shop around, and look for some hints or inspiration!). All you need to do is match the number with the picture of which store you think it fits to.  If you guess all 9 stores correctly, your name will be entered to win a mini historic shopping district Hyde Park swag bag.

Please use this Google Docs form to submit your answers.

List of Businesses

The 9 Businesses featured in the pictures are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER
Giveaway1 Giveaway2


So, are you ready to get this virtual scavenger hunt started?  The games begins in….3….2…1….

**Prizes given away by NoOrdinaryLiz.

Entry into the giveaway does not guarantee winning. Each answer submitted will be entered into a Hyde Park swag bag giveaway!

Contest ends at 11:59pm on August 22nd, 2015.

Open to US residents only.**


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