GUEST POST: 5 Steps to Being The Best YOU!!!

Hey YA’LL!!!  Guess, what?!?!  I’ve had the honor of guest writing over at!  I have to tell ya, this was a pretty cool experience 🙂 and LOVED meeting Justine virtually!  While you’re over reading my inspiring blog post, stop by and check out her awesome page, tweets and insights on how to make your life a little simplier!!!

LIFE, to me is like a Ferris wheel, each bucket is a set destination that we all are trying to get to, whether it’s to work, picking up the kids from school or extra curricular activities, to the gym, grocery shopping, social gatherings, etc., we’re always jumping on/off and going on our merely little way. I’ve learned though that this wheel can move at a pretty fast pace and at times, if we blink, we can miss some of the most important opportunities life has to offer. I believe that in order for you to explore those opportunities, you have to learn to find yourself. I’d like to share with you 5 steps to discovering how you can be the best YOU while you’re enjoying the ride, my ask, just don’t forget about yourself along the way! While the wheel is turning and life keeps moving, you don’t want any opportunity to pass you by!

To read further, click here to find out what those 5 STEPS ARE 🙂


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