Hey NASHVILLE! No Ordinary Liz is coming for YOU!! Are YOU Ready?

Whelp!  It’s that time!  TIME for me to dust off my old cowboy boot (I can only wear one, since I’m still sporting my fancy “robocop” boot from post Achilles tendon surgery) and my good ole Stetson cowboy hat!  I haven’t had a reason to pull them out since my awesome college days!

Whelp! It’s that time!  TIME for me to embark on an amazing ROAD TRIP!  I usually use this time around the holidays to get in my car and hit the road with no specific agenda or destination to adhere to.  I’m usually just driving, jamming out to the year’s top best songs and thinking about all the great accomplishments I had throughout the year!   Aren’t those the best road trips? Well this year, I’ve decided that I do HAVE a destination that I would like to explore…NASHVILLE!!!!

Healthy-Road-Trip-Tips (photo courtesy: Google)

 NASHVILLE!  NO ORDINARY LIZ is coming for YOU!!!  I can’t wait to explore your BEAUTIFUL city and see what you have to offer!  I need your help though?

What are the TOP 5 things I MUST do or try while I’m in your presence?  I will be arriving on 12/27 and departing 1/1/16!  Where should I RING in 2016?  The most important questions, what are YOUR favorite spots to dine at and where can I get a NEW pair of cowboy boots and a NEW cowboy hat?

So many questions, but I know I can count on you!  I look forward to singing a couple of tunes in Music City!

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post of my journey to NASHVILLE!  If you want to see where I end up, be sure to follow #bUNordinary!




30 thoughts on “Hey NASHVILLE! No Ordinary Liz is coming for YOU!! Are YOU Ready?

  1. I have always wanted to go to Nashville! We have friends that just did a church plant down there and they said the area is absolutely beautiful and the food is amazing. Adding this place to my must travel list!

  2. Anita Fonte

    Oh so jealous that you can pick up and go. I haven’t visited Nashville but heard wonderful things about that city. Please keep us all posted on the adventures you come upon. Love to view via photos that fantastic places you will visit.

  3. mrsnzanatta

    We live in little rock about 5 hours from nashville. My best friend lives in ohio we met up in nashville one year for a girls weekend. Musts: loveless cafe (for the food) and bluebird cafe (for music).

  4. bohemianbabushka

    BB went so many years ago with The Trio that specifics have been forgotten. But not the feeling that it was worth visiting again, you’re gonna love it. BB2U

  5. I’m heading to Nashville for the New Year as well!! My family and I are celebrating at the NYE concert bash on Broadway! The smiling elephant has the best pad thai in Nashville and the restaurant is super cute and quaint 🙂

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