No Ordinary Liz takes on Nashville (Part 1)

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WARNING: I apologize in advance for this long post, BUT, I just have so much to share about NASHVILLE!  You will be hooked and ready to add/subtract this place off YOUR bucket list! Stay tuned for Part 2 of my NASHVILLE excursion!

Bucket lists are a collection of ideas, things or places you want to accomplish before you start a family or you expire!  The best thing about a bucket list is the fact that whatever you decide to add, it has no expiration date.  You complete when you want and how. There’s no limit but the sky! Hopefully we all have one that you are adding to and checking off occasionally.  Well I have A LOT of NO ORDINARY things on my list and keep adding to it.

Last year after Christmas, I know, I’m so late in writing this post I had the chance to check off an item!  If being spontaneous had a name, then it would be NO ORDINARY LIZ.  I always keep an open mind and LOVE exploring places.  Sometimes the BEST adventures blossom this way! If you recall, I had Achilles Tendon surgery back in October, so at this time, I was rocking my fancy “robocop” boot! Thank goodness I could still drive! Nothing beats a good ole ROAD TRIP and NOTHING was going to hold me back. Nothing.

Uncorked 115 (photo courtesy of Google)

So,without an agenda, a friend and I embarked on this journey to NASHVILLE aka MUSIC CITY.

The drive to NASHVILLE from Tampa was super easy, it took us about 10 hours.  I know that sounds like A LOT, but knowing where I was driving to made up for the long hours. 🙂

ECSTATIC would be the best way to describe the instant I saw the sign…NASHVILLE! For just a moment in my fantasy world,  I felt like I was an artist on my way to getting discovered.  Heck. If only I could carry a tune!


Thanks to airbnb for hooking us up with this awesome place!  The location was perfect.  This super cheap place reminded me of a quaint house you’d only find in movies.  It had the smell of “ole” living and everything we needed to enjoy our stay! Only a 10 minute car ride into downtown NASHVILLE!  Home for 5 days!!

Uncorked 226 Uncorked 127  Uncorked 129 Uncorked 130

So as I mentioned earlier, we didn’t have a game plan on how we spent our days.  I had limited mobility and had to find/do things that didn’t evolve in a WHOLE lot of walking.  Well, that didn’t stop me, I ended up walking and paying for it later, but it was ALL GOOD and worth it!

So where did I venture off to in NASHVILLE?

Well keep scrolling…

Uncorked 131 Recognize this place?  This is the inside of Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.  Absolutely stunning.

Uncorked 134 Uncorked 135These images were taken out front of the Gaylord Opryland Resort “garden” area.   The pictures don’t do any justice.  I truly felt like I was surrounded by pure MAGIC! I’m just sharing a glimpse of what I experienced.  Everyone should get to see this once in their lifetime.  This is a MUST to add to your adventures in NASHVILLE.

Uncorked 142 Ever heard of the NASHVILLE Predators? This is where they call home, Bridgestone Arena!  So much cool things happen here.  From CMT award shows, to concerts and more.  It was really cool seeing this up close!

Uncorked 176Now THIS!  I can’t express and CAN’T is a strong word here, express how cool this was!  Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is located right beside Bridgestone Arena where the walking distance ( or crutching in my case) was super easy. Considered the world’s largest museum, you will find preserved clothing of various country music star, awards and records dated waaaaay back!

Uncorked 164

Uncorked 203 Uncorked 198 Uncorked 192 Uncorked 191  Uncorked 156 Uncorked 143

Uncorked 168 Uncorked 181

I took so MANY pictures of memories to last a lifetime!  But I’ve included a few for you to view yourself, you’re welcome! These exhibits/images are tasteful in showing you the “artifacts” of country music legends, icons and super stars from Elvis Presley‘s blue suede shoes, Johnny Cash‘s performing boots, that made his feet hurt because they were too narrow, HEE HAW, the best TV show ever, please bring it back to Carrie Underwood‘s dress she was wearing upon becoming the next American Idol! While viewing these exhibits, I could envision myself being at their individual concerts, front and center! What an experience.

WHELP, It’s time for me to put away my dusty “ole” old cowboy boot and Stetson cowboy hat, for now. I’ll let you take some time to digest all the amazing places I’ve been so far.  I’ll be back at a later date to share PART 2 on other adventures NO ORDINARY LIZ takes on!

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this:  know where I’m heading?

Uncorked 243

Tell me, do you have a bucket list?  If so, where/what have you done to minimize that list?  I would love to hear about it!

While you’re waiting for Part 2 Nashville adventures, be sure to check out The Crazy Tourist, 25 Best Things to do in Nashville (TN)!

The review is written by me showcasing my adventures through Nashville.  The opinions expressed above are all mine.

47 thoughts on “No Ordinary Liz takes on Nashville (Part 1)

  1. I have friends that moved to Nashville a year or two ago but I don’t think they have been to the country music hall of fame. I will have to share this post with her 🙂 Looks like you had a fun time!

  2. Nashville is an amazing city. It is so full of musical history, it’s almost unbelievable. Another cool thing about Nashville that no one ever mentions is that at night it looks a little like Gotham City.

    1. That house was adorable and so fun to stay in. That was my first time using airbnb. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you want to do as there’s so much to do! I say, if you ever make it, pick at least one thing to do each day.

  3. uprunforlife

    I have always wanted to spend some time in Nashville, TN. I knew it was known for being the home of country music.

    The place you stayed at looks so cozy.

    I love Gaylord hotel during Christmas. I live close to the Grapevine, TX location. They dress it up all pretty and host the ICE exhibit.

  4. Great pictures! Sounds like an amazing time! I love Nashville, my brother used to live there throughout college so I got to visit a few times! I do have a bucketlist to travel to more cities around the great USA. We recently went to Atlanta/Stone Mountain for Spring Break and it was a breathe of fresh air!

    1. Awesome. Love that you’re marking things off your bucket list! I used to live in NC/ATL area, and never got the chance to go to Stone Mountain. I’ve heard wonderful things. Must add to my list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. livingoffloveandcoffee

    What a fun trip! I would love to go to Nashville someday and see the hall of fame. The scenery in the state is great too!

  6. Never been there before but your excitement is rubbing off on me! Now I want to visit too. I love reading other people’s travel journals, it reminds me of what is out there and how I’ve got so much to see still.

  7. OMG I LOVE NASHVILLE!!! I only went for a day so I was only able to hit up a few places. But I spent most of my time in the Johnny Cash museum, The Frothy Monkey, && Honky Tonk BLVD. But we are planning another trip this year for a few days so I will def book mark this page thanks!!!

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