5 Tips To Living A No Ordinary Authentic LIFE

What IF:

I was to ask you to take a look in the mirror right now, what would you see in your reflection?  Answer honestly.  Do you like what you see?  Do you wish you were someone different?  Are you immediately pointing out all those flaws?  We all have been there, trust me.  I used to catch myself scoping out any object that would bounce off my reflection and sometimes, I couldn’t look at myself without doing just that…

BUT, a while back, I was introduced to a friend who helped pave the way so that I could live the life I’m LOVING right about now.  AUTHENTIC.  (Yep, you’re reading this right.)

Authentic is a magical word!  A word that we don’t hear a lot about, but need it in our everyday lives. We tend to see it more in tangible things, but what about the intangible…YOU?

Here are 5 suggested tips on how you can live a NO ORDINARY authentic life.

1.  Fall in LOVE with yourself, flaws and all – If you’re wondering why things in your life are not filling that void that you may be having, or relationships are not working out as they should, I think I know why… You need to be in love with who you are.  (I know this sounds crazy. Love yourself?) That means accepted who you are as an individual, flaws and all.  Learn what your flaws are and accept that no one is PERFECT.  If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone to love you the way you want them to.  Your flaws make you unique just like fingerprints.  When you do this, you will be brushed with so much confidence that you will be able to accept all the joys that life sends your way.

2. Release the past, BE present and live for the future – Sometimes we all get stuck on something that occurred in our past that prevents us from living the life that we want.  Come join us in the moment.  Learn to accept the cards that were dealt to you and look for ways that you could make the greatest impact. Today.  Use your past as a stepping stone for the present and discover what your purpose is and set out to achieving it! Moments are what life is all about.  Don’t spend too much time there.

3. Choose happiness – In life, we have an abundant amount of choices and views on how you see yourself and the world.  When we start to think about those things, we may change our mindset to think in a negative way.  If you choose to do this, you may see a pattern in your life that forms in a negative manner. My solution to all of this: choose happiness over all. No one can give you happiness. It has to come from within, just like the quote, “Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle” once you switch that on, your outlook on life will be so much brighter. Leave a trail wherever you go!

4. Develop yourself – This is one area where we tend to brush away as life takes us full speed.  In order to achieve the most authentic life, you need to take the time to find out what drives you and chase it!  If it requires further development, go get the tools to achieve it.  Know that it’s OK to express yourself, trust yourself, teach yourself and above all else, surround yourself with the things that make you happy! I strongly encourage you to do one thing each day that scares you and stretches you outside your comfort zone.  You may be surprised at the things you discover!

5. Form new relationships – They say the key to a successful life is to surround yourself with good people.  Maya Angelou says it best, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Life is about connecting your personal and professional dots. Find people who are like-minded as yourself both personally and professionally. They will be instrumental in your self-development and vice versa. Building and maintaining relationships is so crucial in discovering who you really are as a person.  Go find your people!

WA504_Choose_to_be_your_authentic_self(photo courtesy of Google)

**All opinions in this post are my own.** 

34 thoughts on “5 Tips To Living A No Ordinary Authentic LIFE

  1. I love all of these tips, especially choose happiness. It reminds me of a story I was told about a lady that lived in a nursing home. She was happy all the time even in her surroundings and she said it was because she chose to be.

  2. I love this post. I definitely have a hard time loving myself with the flaws I have. I do my best everyday to fix my flaws and leave things in the past. Thank you for this uplifting post.

    1. Thank you Jessica! You should always learn to put yourself first. Realize how important of an individual you are and the rest will follow! Take time to check in with YOU everyone once in awhile!

  3. These are all great tips to living a no ordinary authentic life. I really love this post and the quote by Maya Angelou. We all really need to love our self flaws and all. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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